Component Repair and Overhaul (R&O) Management

Voyageur has an established network of reputable vendors with expertise in the R&O of all regional aircraft components. In addition, Voyageur conducts a number of in-house component R&O services. Whether it be directly or through our vendor-network, we can manage all of your component R&O requirements. These services can be provided on a stand-alone basis, or as part of an inventory leasing or sales package.

Vendor Relationships

Voyageur operates the aircraft we support and we know the reputable and dependable R&O vendors for your components. Many of our vendor relationships date back over 20 years.

Volume Discounts

Our long-standing relationships with vendors have resulted in volume discount programs. We provide these discounts to our customers as a value-added service.

In-House R&O

Voyageur conducts in-house R&O services through our sister company, Voyageur Aerotech. These R&O services include composite repairs, structural repairs, wire harness repairs, and overhauls of wheels and brakes. When possible, we utilize our own shops to complete R&O work. We pass these efficiencies on to our customers.

Parts Exchange

Mitigate possible delays with component turn-around times, access parts when needed, and lessen reliance on vendor performance by utilizing Voyageur's advance exchange services.

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