Inventory Consignment Programs

In the dynamic aviation supply chain market, Voyageur understands that many companies do not wish to dedicate the needed resources to dispose of their surplus inventory. Voyageur offers turn-key inventory consignment services or, in some cases, outright inventory purchases.


Voyageur's 200,000 square foot facility in North Bay, Canada, provides ample warehouse storage. We can securely control your inventory for distribution to customers. Direct warehousing ensures expedient movement of your sold part.

Marketing & Selling

Voyageur has excellent access to the regional aircraft market. Voyageur Avparts' sister company, Voyageur Airways is a built-in customer for regional aircraft parts. Many other global relationships with airlines, maintenance organizations, and aircraft leasing companies provide ample opportunities to sell and market parts. Parts are also listed through industry online portals.

Shipping & Delivery

Voyageur's global presence provides us with excellent shipping channels and shipping partners. We deliver parts globally using our network of freight companies and local agents. From busy airport hubs to the most remote locations, we have the existing infrastructure to get clients their required parts, quickly and cost efficiently.

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