Aircraft End-Of-Life and Disassembly

Voyageur provides nose-to-tail management for all aircraft end-of-life processes. Services include asset valuation, aircraft disassembly and demolition, and remarketing of components. Many of these services are conducted in conjunction with our sister company Voyageur Aerotech.

Pre Disassembly Audit

We can provide a full aircraft technical records audit for component compliance and certification, including back-to-birth records for life limited parts. This process can significantly enhance the value of removed components.

Disassembly and Demolition Services

Disassembly services involves the proper removal of components in accordance with the relevant maintenance manual and IPC. Demolition of the aircraft is conducted with all necessary precautions to avoid environmental contamination. Material is recycled and disposed of in accordance with industry acceptable practices.

Inventory, Inspection & Certification Services

All components removed during a disassembly are inventoried in detail. Components removed can be re-certified as an added value service.

Remarketing & Sale of Parts Removed

Voyageur can remarket and sell the removed components as part of a consignment arrangement. See our Consignment page for more information.

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